Fort Jones Town Council votes to support Siskiyou County Declaration

Tonight, Nov. 4, 2013, all five members of the Fort Jones Town Council, pop. 650, voted in favor of supporting Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors Sept. 3, 2013 approval of the Declaration to withdraw from the State of California.

Mark Baird, spokesman for the Jefferson Declaration Committee, explained the grievances of over-regulation and under-representation in the State of California. Each Assemblyman or woman represents over 455,000 citizens and each Senator represents over 900,000 citizens. Baird explained that a return to representation by county would provide the needed common sense for governance in rural counties.

Baird said he is receiving comments from a few people that say working for a 51st State is just “too hard.” And Baird responded that he hopes this is not the NEW standard for Americans, because Americans have always been able to do the “hard” things.

The earlier part of the Town Council meeting set the perfect scenario for leaving the sinking ship of California and its devastating over-layering of regulations. The town can’t even hire a dog catcher, because of the extensive training and certificates this individual must have; and there are three “vicious” dogs that have threatened children, the Halloween Parade participants, pedestrians and bitten a bicyclist. Red-tape in contracting with the county for animal nuisance problems is even over-whelming.

Potential problems with Obamacare may destroy the volunteer fire department and Emergency Safety crew; and the well-functioning sewer pond must now undergo expensive studies to prove it is working correctly.

Fort Jones Town Council includes: Mayor Tom McCulley and council men and women: Kate Tasem, Loren Berck, Annie Smith and Don Berry.

The room was full with over 30 individuals there to support the Declaration to withdraw from the State of California.

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